SMART HOME Trainer basing on KNX Software


Nowadays most public buildings and domestic homes offer lots of hightech and smart installations. So the curriculum for professional electricians in installation technology holds much more than the wirings of switches, outlets or lights.

Our training system for SMART HOME bases on the professional KNX European Installation Bus (EIB), where trainees learn how to create building projects in different topologies, integrate latest KNX components and program the functions for automatic or control by smartphone.  

Some available functions are:

  • Basic Panel with Binary Inputs, USB Interface, Switching Actors, Lamps, Bus Coupler and Head Rail for own Components and different room masks
  • IP Control Center with WIFI Router for the control by smart phones, tablets or PCs
  • Video Camera System
  • Motion Detector Sensors
  • Air Quality Sensors for CO2 measurement
  • Weather Station with Sensors for Wind, Temperature, Brightness, etc.
  • Heater
  • Shutter
  • and many more