PROFI Workshop Benches [EM01]

The PROFI program enables workshop configurations where the operator has everything within perfect reach, e.g. by adding swivel arms, tool - or bin supports, pressured air connectors for air-operated tools. Different types of shelves on various heights provide extra space.

For a perfect workspace illumination we offer overhead lamps or the tiltable LED workstation lamp for shelf-attachment.

All workshop benches are of cause available with height adjustment and ESD


Sitting or Standing: Those benches never shake

In general our height adjustable benches vary in the number of lifts and whether the hole bench or only the bench top moves up and down. Further more you can choose between manual -, handcrank -  and electric adjustment. No matter what you decide: each bench is highly durable and extraordinary stable.

the perfect light for any kind of work

In laboratories, workshops and educational workshops a perfect light is mandatory as the precise work requires an even and complete illumination of the workbench in a light color that the persons attantion at its maximum. We offer different types of lighting for each application.

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hera height adjustable workshop bench for sitting and standing positions


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