FLEX Workshop Benches [EM02]

The FLEX system is especially developed for the requirements in workshops. The rear sided FLEX braces with its keyhole perforation allow an individual configuration with all necessary components, e.g. tool support, swivel arms, shelves and a modular channel with electrification and pressured air.

For a perfect illumination the benches are equipped with overhead lamp or alternatively with the LED workstation lamp installed in shelf height.

All workshop benches are of cause available with height adjustment and ESD

the perfect light for any kind of work

In laboratories, workshops and educational workshops a perfect light is mandatory as the precise work requires an even and complete illumination of the workbench in a light color that the persons attantion at its maximum. We offer different types of lighting for each application.

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hera height adjustable workshop bench for sitting and standing positions

hera electrical workstation with the flexible ENERGY profile

hera height adjustable electrical workstation with C-Lift-Base


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