Innovative PROFI Workstations [EL01]

Sit- / stand workstation with intelligent device series.

The height adjustable workstations are equipped with the networking device series IMOD, which offers a wide range of practical functions in latest technology.

Big transformers can be conveniently stored in an underbench function board, which keeps the bench rack quite small.

C-Lift Workstations with Fantastic Features

Hight Stability and Load Capacity

The PROFI C-Lift Bench is a highly ergonomic workstation as the operator can change between sitting and standing working position. Up and down movement is extraordinary smooth and silent and the upper and lower position is programmable, furthermore the bench is equipped with overload - and collission The system holds an overload - and collision protection.

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hera LED workstation lmap PREMIUM with adjustable color temperature

hera electrical workstation with the flexible ENERGY profile

foldaway mechanics for hera bench racks (energy boards)

hera height adjustable bench with casters e.g. for variable programming locations

hera Accessory

Magnifier Lamps

in standard or ESD in different diopters


in standard or ESD available with casters, suspended or pedestal

Swivel Chairs and Stools

in standard or ESD different types for each application


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