Lab Bench Series X-Lift [EL12]

The height adjustable lab bench series X-Lift is equipped with telescopic lifts of latest technology.

The lifts have following features:

  • impressive lifthing height of 650mm
  • fast lifting speed of max. 38mm/s
  • very silent although the max. lifting force is 480kg
  • intuitive handling with flexible position memory and app control

Two types of X-Lift Benches are available:

  • X-Lift Quattro with 4 lifts for heavy duty applications with high cross stability
  • X-Lift Duo with 2 lifts for IT benches and low-weight lab benches

Catalogue for X-Lift Benches

Sitting or Standing, those Benches never shake!

Our height adjustable benches are generally distinguished in the number, type and load capacity of the lifts and if adjustment should be done manually or electrically, but they all have one thing in common: all systems are very robust and do not shake even in extracted position.

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