Trainers for the Basics of Electronics

The EASY Electronics Case is training system for lower grates and starters. While any other boards are for higher education. For reaching the best results, the curriculum should start with a plug-board for the basics, then the knowledge can be deepened with trainers to the specific topics.

Find more in chapter "Basics of Electronic Engineering"

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Training Benches with Movable Training System Frame

Benches with movable training system frame allow the students to do their tests in an ergonomic upright position. The training system can be locked in 3 positions and can be used for training systems in standard size as well as for perforated installations grid panels.

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foldaway mechanics for hera bench racks (energy boards)

hera hideaway bench rack

hera electric laboratory benches with cable flap

hera height adjustable workstation with C-Lift-Base

hera Accessory

Storage Cart

Ideal for storing and transporting the training systems.

Training System Frame

For bench top use.

Didactic Supply

Universal supply for 1phase AC, 3phase AC, DC supply and function generator.


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