598 technical details are subject to change without notice ©2015 | www.hera.de 17. TRAINING SYSTEMS FOR RENEWABLE ENERGIES HEAT PUMP VARIO This model is to study the functionality of 4 different principles of heat pumps. By simply switching over, the system mode could be changed between air/air, air/water, water/air and water/water. As we mostly integrated original compo- nents of real systems, the imparted knowledge could be easily transfered into practice. The clearly arranged and yet compact set-up of the training system is ideal either for theoretical or practical lessons. Integrated meters for direct indication of temperatures and pressures in the cooling cycle as well as the water quan- tity in the heating cycle allow the determination of specific parameters with high repeating accuracy. Pressure resistant glasses are integrated at the allowed points for the visualization of the cooling mediums‘ aggre- gate state. Optionally the model could be equipped with a PC con- nected data logging system. All relevant data could be logged, visualized and evaluated by software. The solid aluminium base could optionally be equipped with a hardwearing cabinet for the storage of the measuring instruments and the manuals. Learing Contents: • Identification of all heat pump components. • Comprehension and explanation of the set-up, functionality and effect of all components. • Identification of the cooling mediums‘ aggregat states. • Determination and analyze of system relevant parameters. • Comparing the data for air/air -, air/water -, water/air - and water/water systems. • Determine the limitation of each system and thus the resulting applications. • Characteristics of the safety - and control devices. • Checking the safety - and control devices. • Determination of possible malfunctions of heat pumps and explanation of its effects to functionality. • Preparing an argumentation aid for meetings with customers. • Preparing a check list for the regular service on heat pumps. Technical Details: • Dimensions: approx. 1200 x 600 x 1600mm (WxDxH) • Weight: approx. 90kg • Electrical connection: Schuko 230V AC • Cold water connection SK - ¾“ • Waste water connection SK - ¾“ 740.106.000 740.106.001 Model Heat Pump VARIO Connectors 740.106.003 Integrated Data Logging incl. Analyzing Software Heat Pump VARIO