525 www.hera.de | technical details are subject to change without notice ©2015 15. TRAINING SYSTEMS FOR ELECTRICAL INSTALLATION TECHNOLOGY INNOVATIVE TRAINING SYSTEMS FOR FUTURE ENGINEERS 527 Training Panel to Electrical Protective Measures 528 Training Panel to Installation Tests 529 Training Panel to Residual Current Devices 530 Training Panel to Installation Technoloy (compact) 531 Component Panels to Installation Technology 533 Training Boxes to Installation Technology 534 Installation Cabin, stationary / mobile 535 Training Panels and Boxes to Intercom Systems 536 Training Panel to Lighting Technology 537 Component Panels and Boxes to Lighting Technology 538 Training Panel to Halogen Lamps 539 Training Panel to LED Lighting Technology 540 Training Panel to KNX EIB Installation Bus 542 Training Panel to Building Security Technology 543 Software to Installation Technology CHAPTER 15: TRAINING SYSTEMS FOR ELECTRICAL INSTALLATIONS 15