488 Testkabine technical details are subject to change without notice ©2017 | www.hera.de 13. ACCESSORIES TEST HOOD • Dimensions: 530 x 900 x 660mm (WxDxH). • Plastic base with room for the installation of adapters for test items. • Swiveling semicircular perspex hood with handle and safety switch. • Rear and side walls made of plastics. Test Hood 377.050.100 TEST CABIN • Perspex cabin, which can be pushed up and down within the slots of the PROFI profile. • While testing, the cabin is safely closed with electromagnetic lock. • When the cabin is pushed up for opening, it is automatically discharged. • Signal lamp for status indication. Test C i 800 x 790 x 600mm (WxDxH) 1295 x 790 x 600mm (WxDxH) 940.027.200 940.075.800 Safety switch and counter part in the test hood.