233 www.hera.de | technical details are subject to change without notice ©2017 8. CABINETS 237 Base: Wood and Sheet Steel 238 Cabinet with Hinged Doors 239 Compartment Cabinet and Sliding Door Cabinet 240 Fully and Partially Glass Doors 241 Cabinet with Shutter Doors and Shelf 242 Intermediate Wall and Corner Cabinet 243 Cabinet Shelf Board: Wood and Sheet Steel 245 Book End; Extendable Shelf Board; Wardrobe Rail 246 Shelf Board for Training Systems 247 Integrated Drawer and Filing Frame 248 Drawer Cabinet 249 Separators and Dividers for Drawer Cabinets 250 File Cabinet 251 Compensation Board and Pull-Out Tray Board 253 Cabinet Ladder System 255 Sheet Steel Drawer Cabinet 256 Partitions for Steel Sheet Drawer Cabinets 257 Sheet Steel Cabinets with Winged Doors 258 Sheet Steel Cabinets with Sliding Doors and Shelfs CHAPTER 8: CABINETS