180 technical details are subject to change without notice. ©2017 | www.hera.de 5. FLEX SYSTEM FOR WORKSHOPS STOPPER • Support for the assembly to the side parts with gravity stopping mechanism. • Made of sheet steel with durable light grey powder coating. ROLLER BALL • Big stainless steel ball, easy running on little balls within an anodized shell. • Outer diameter 31mm. • Ball diameter 15,8mm. • Dirtresistant due to circular sealing. SHEET STEEL BED FOR ROLLER BALLS • Sheet steel with folded border and customized hole pattern for the acceptance of roller balls. • Incl. assembly set for the fixation to the side parts. • Durable, conductive powder coating in light grey. B L Stopper 116.00 .700 B Width B 4 5 400mm 500mm 6 7 600mm 700mm 8 800mm Sheet Steel Bed for Roller Balls 116.0 B .000 L Length L Width B 4 5 6 400mm 500mm 600mm 7 8 700mm 800mm 4 5 6 400mm 500mm 600mm 7 8 700mm 800mm Roller Ball, pcs. 102.100.000