Hera Presents Intelligent IMOD Device Series at the Productronica

Productronica in Munich (14. - 17. November 2017)

The global digitalization is still discussed in a controversy way, but one thing is commonly clear: Its progress cannot be stopped!   However, we got lots of positive feedback of its tangible benefits for industrial and educational electric laboratories when we first introduced our new device series IMOD at the productronica in Munich between 14th and 17th November.

Basic element of IMOD is the central Control-Unit with 7“ TFT Touch Display, which exchanges data with multimeter, function generator, laboratory power supplies and AC sources by high-speed bus. The devices can be chosen modularly and others can be added anytime. In contrast to conventional devices, arbitrary AC or DC voltage sequences can be programmed and besides the voltage setting, the current can also be controlled.  In standard the series is equipped with LAN - and USB interface which allows an easy integration into networks as well as PC data evaluation or direct data plot.

When developing IMOD we made sure the operating concept is cross-generational, which means the menu navigation is flat-structured and self-explaining and settings can be done either by touch bar, touch key or even with potentiometer. Furthermore we decoupled the functional parts from the control – and output units,  which keeps the media channel on the bench top quite small while possible 1phase or 3phase variacs with and without isolating transformers can be installed anywhere under the table.

Generally due to full order books many of our customers could not make it to the fair, so maybe the total of visitors where less than the years before, but anyway the fair was a big success as we could directly book in some orders for IMOD and the overall feedback was amazing, which is our motivation for even more developments in digital technology.


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