Easy Electronics Trainer


Keeping track with nowadays fast changing technology is quite a challenge, which can best be faced if we encourage young people to choose a technical career.  The foundations for this can be formed in school at an early age with interesting and easy to comprehend learning aids.

For this reason we decided to offer a battery operated training system which accompanies students of higher secondary grates at their first steps into the complex world of electronics.

The scope of delivery holds circuit masks, a plug board for variable circuits, analogue ammeter and voltmeter, all necessary plug-in components, connectors, cables and a CD manual.

Learning Content:
• Measurements within Electric Circuits
• Electric Parameters
• Ohm‘s Law
• Resistors in Series / Parallel Connection
• Bridge Circuits
• Extended Series / Parallel Connection
• Unloaded/ Loaded Voltage Divider
• Diode
• etc


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