Customized Projects

EASY C-Lift Bench with Tiltable Bench Top


For an even wider range of application we offer our EASY C-Lift Bench now with tiltable bench top and adjustable stop edge at the front. The bench can be supplied mobile or stationary, ESD or non-ESD and in different dimensions. The fast and silent lifts offer an adjusting range of more than 600mm for sitting or standing workpositions.

Application Examples:

  • Wire Harness Production
  • Circuit Board Manufacturing
  • Drafting
  • etc.

Workstations for Cable Confection

Customized Cable Confection Bench with following Features:

  • nicely shaped and stable construction 
  • two individually height adjustable levels with cantilever lift systems
  • front edge with ergonomic cutout for the working persons
  • easy removalbe collection pan for scraps
  • profile colors according to customers choice

The resulting set-up is an ideal workstation. that meets the customers requirements ideally and thus is a great contribution for process optimation and efficiency.

Electric Test Mobile

PROFI Mobile with following components:
  • aluminium socket strip with protection and strain relief
  • swivel shelf
  • shelf with LED workstation lamp
  • drawer block
  • vertical cable runs covered by brush strip

19" Rack with Shelf Unit and Drawer

Accessory for PROFI 19" Rack:
  • sheet steel shelf unit with durable light grey powder coating
  • telescoping shelf board
  • lockable drawers on telescopic rails made of sheet steel with durable light grey powder coating

LED Workstation Lamp with Gooseneck

  • the highly flexible gooseneck allows a complete variable and exact positioning of the luminaire
  • gooseneck length: 500mm or 800mm
  • connector with push button for LED operation (illumination and colour temperature)
  • rotable LED in aluminium profile with cooling rips, available length: 133, 266 and 400mm
  • LED strip with continuous LED modules in premium version with diffusor
  • separate 24V supply unit with integrated dimmer, in sheet steel housing of 365 x 68 x 38mm (WxDxH)