Packing Station and Mechanical Workbenches

PROFI Packing Station with bubble wrap dispenser, swivel shelf and separator for boxes
EASY Mechanical Workbench with reinforced frame and optional hydraulic height adjustment
Team Workstation with beech block board or beech multiplex top
EASY Mechanical Workbench with bamboo top and FLEX perforated backplane for tool holders and storage bins
Bench Raw with mechanical EASY benches, with detachable stainless steel cover and steel sheet container
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A professionally equipped workstation is a good investment. It offers everything that is needed to process and commission products and thus saves lots of time and money. Intelligently positioned shelves and backplanes create the preconditions for perfectly arranged boxes, bubble wraps, tools and more. Of cause the packing stations could also be realized with height adjustable bench type. This reduces physical burdens and increases working comfort.  

EASY Laboratory System

<strong>EASY</strong> Laboratory System

  • Workbench Standard and ESD, Trapezium – and EMC Benches
  • Mechanical Workbenches and different Bench Top Materials
  • Corner Combinations with Height Adjustment
  • Bench Top Frame, Shelf Racks, Shelves and Perforate Backplanes
  • Training System Frames, Installation Cabins and TFT Chest

FLEX System for Workshops

<strong>FLEX</strong> System for Workshops

  • Base for Workshop Benches and different Work Tops
  • Shelves, Swivel Shelves and FiFo Shelves
  • Perforated Backplane and Support for Storage Bins
  • Overhead Frame and Workshop Lamps
  • Transferlines with Heavy Duty Rollers and  Roller Balls
  • Accessory (Foot Rests, PC Supports, Swivel Arms, Turntable)

PROFI Set-Ups and Racks

<strong>PROFI</strong> Set-Ups and Racks

  • Shelves, Swivel Shelves and Cable Organizing Drawers
  • Shelf Racks, open, with Sliding Doors, with Roller Shutter
  • LED Workstation Lamp
  • Cross Profile with TFT Support
  • Training System Frame and Installation Walls for Training Boxes
  • Overhead Frame with Overhead Lamp and Swivel Arms

PROFI Benches

<strong>PROFI</strong> Benches

  • PROFI Work – and  Laboratoy  Bench, Bench with Power Legs, Cable Tray and Flaps
  • Height Adjustments (PROFI-Lift, C-Lift, 4-Lift and Cantilever) for all requirements to Sit / Stand Workstations
  • PROFI Corner Combinations
  • Accessory (PC Support, Keyboard Drawer, Foot Rest, etc.)