Modular Cabinets in Standard and ESD

Cabinet 5OH in BiColor Design with magnetic whiteboard front
Modular Cabinet Wall with partial glass doors
Cabinet Wall with movable ladder
Cabinet Wall as a drawer/ wing-door combination
Cabinet Wall with green-board front for chalk use
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Our cabinet program bases on elaborate modular elements, which could be configured in various set-ups. So you can choose from regular cabinets with top-mount cabinet, wing doors with and without glass, roller shutters or sliding doors, drawers and combinations with movable ladders. All cabinets are of solid quality with decorative rear wall, so they could be even placed in mid-rooms.  



  • Door-, Sliding Door-, Rollershutter Cabinets and Shelf Cabinets
  • All Cabinets available in ESD and with Glass or Partial Glass Doors
  • Folder – and Drawer Cabinets
  • Cabinet Systems with Ladders
  • Sheet Steel Drawer Cabinets and Metal Shelves
  • Accessory (Shelf Boards, Separators, Book End, Wardrobe Rail, etc.)