LED Workstation Lamp

Slim, tiltable LED workstation lamp for a homogenous illumination of the complete workspace
Flexible LED with gooseneck
The LED Workstation Lamp is dimmable and optionally with color-temperature adjustment
LED Workstation Lamp with gooseneck, movable from side to side
LED Workstation Lamp with dazzle protector
LED Workstation Lamp with gooseneck and swivel arm
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Workstation illumination is an important topic, either for a precise identification of small components with color code or to avoid fatigue, etc. For this reason the sufficient light has to be present but dazzling needs to be avoided. We offer lighting systems for individual applications.



  • Swivel Chairs and Room Partitioners
  • LED Workstation Lamp, Magnifier Lamps and Bench Top Lamps
  • TFT Swivel Arms and Socket Strips
  • Test Leads and Cord Holders
  • Rubber Mats and ESD Mats
  • Tool Holder, Small Part Magazines and Rotary Tower
  • Vices, Soldering Fume Extraction and Test Cabins