Laboratory Benches with Bench Racks and Shelves for Standalone Instruments

Height adjustable PROFI C-Lift Bench with Energy Board, shelf and swivel shelf
ENERGY Extensions with swivel shelf and Energy Board with LED Workstation Lamp
PROFI Bench Raw with ENERGY Profiles under shelves, front bench legs are recessed for more leg room
Bus-controlled IMOD Series of latest technology, modular configured in a space saving channel and centrally operated via 7” touch display
PROFI Bench with cantilever height adjustment and modular equipped 45° ENERGY extensions
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PROFI is the workstation system for perfectionists. All bench types convince due to perfectly hidden cable runs within the spacious profiles SINGLE, MULTI or ENERGY. The modularity of the system allows workstation set-ups with horizontally as well as vertically arranged channels. Each set-up could be enhanced with different types of high-stability shelves for standalone instruments.



  • PROFI Mobile-, Suspended– and Pedestal Containers
  • PC Container
  • EASY Mobile-, Suspended– and Pedestal Containers
  • Sheet Steel Mobile-, Suspended– and Pedestal Containers
  • Drawer Organizing Material (Separator, Partitioner and Inserts)
  • Tool Sets for Drawers

EP and MP Racks with EP and MP Modules

<strong>EP</strong> and <strong>MP Racks</strong> with EP and MP Modules

  • Energy Channels, EP and MP Bench Rack
  • Retractable Bench Rack Solutions
  • Hexagonal Team Workstations, EASY Tower Board and Carrying Cases
  • Mains Panel, Socket Panels, CEE Sockets, Pressured Air and IT Interfaces
  • Continuity Tester, Soldering / Desoldering St., Isolated Transformer, RCL Decades
  • AC Sources, Lab Power Supply, Function Generator, Multimeter, Oscilloscopes, Signal Generators, Calibrators, Device Testers

Compact Terminal KK and ENERGY Profile KP

<strong>Compact Terminal KK</strong> and <strong>ENERGY Profile KP</strong>

  • Compact Terminal (straight and tilted) modular equipped with KK Modules
  • KK Modules (Sockets, Safety Elements, IT – and Pneumatic Couplers, etc.)
  • ENERGY Profiles horizontally or vertically as ENERGY Extensions
  • Movable Trays, Backplanes and TFT Support for ENERGY Profile
  • Mains Panel, Socket Panels, CEE Sockets, Pressured Air and IT Interfaces
  • Continuity Tester, Soldering Station, Isolated Transformer and Lab Power Supply

PROFI Set-Ups and Racks

<strong>PROFI</strong> Set-Ups and Racks

  • Shelves, Swivel Shelves and Cable Organizing Drawers
  • Shelf Racks, open, with Sliding Doors, with Roller Shutter
  • LED Workstation Lamp
  • Cross Profile with TFT Support
  • Training System Frame and Installation Walls for Training Boxes
  • Overhead Frame with Overhead Lamp and Swivel Arms

PROFI Benches

<strong>PROFI</strong> Benches

  • PROFI Work – and  Laboratoy  Bench, Bench with Power Legs, Cable Tray and Flaps
  • Height Adjustments (PROFI-Lift, C-Lift, 4-Lift and Cantilever) for all requirements to Sit / Stand Workstations
  • PROFI Corner Combinations
  • Accessory (PC Support, Keyboard Drawer, Foot Rest, etc.)



  • Swivel Chairs and Room Partitioners
  • LED Workstation Lamp, Magnifier Lamps and Bench Top Lamps
  • TFT Swivel Arms and Socket Strips
  • Test Leads and Cord Holders
  • Rubber Mats and ESD Mats
  • Tool Holder, Small Part Magazines and Rotary Tower
  • Vices, Soldering Fume Extraction and Test Cabins