Mechatronic Training Systems

Mechatronic System COMPACT with Siemens LOGO as complete trainer
Modular configured mechatronic system (sorting, assembly, disassembly, test and store)
Mechatronic Mobile with PLC, touch panel, frequency converter and warning lamp
Mechatronic Station Stacker Rack
Conveyor Belt with various drives
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Future mechatronic engineers have to learn things like installation, programming, operation and service of complex automated systems. We help you to configure a practice-oriented assembly line with modular stations. Up to 3 stations are placed on a conveyor belt. Depending on the complexity, the system could be equipped with drop-down magazines, assembly and disassembly station, sensor and camera test station, sorting station and stacker rack. A binary code allows the workpiece identification. Manuals and example programs are available.

Training Systems for Automation and Mechatronics

<strong>Training Systems</strong> for <strong>Automation and Mechatronics</strong>

  • Control Engineering (Compact Panels, Component Panels and Boxes)
  • Universal AC Motor and Transformer
  • Logic Controller and PLC Panels
  • Frequeny Converter, Operation and Surveillance (Touch Operation)
  • Systems – and Process Simulations
  • Mechatronic Stations (Conveyor Belt, Assembly and Test Stations, etc.)