Electric Classroom Benches with Retractable Bench Racks

PROFI Bench Rack with electric foldaway mechanism and switch off automatic, as well as double rubber lip for mechanical bruise protection
Chest with Hideaway Bench Rack, retractable by two silent running lifts with switch off automatic and mechanic bruise protection
Retractable Hexagonal Bench Rack with 2 instrument levels and 2-level enable for 1phase and 3phase supply
TFT Hideaway Chest with automatically operated flap and optional electric locking mechanism
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Your trainees are easily distracted? – No problem for our convertible workstations for theoretical and practical lessons. Simply lift or retract the bench racks according to the current requirements. This could be done decentral at each workstation or even more easily: central from the instructor’s bench. Especially were kids are involved the highest priority should be safety. For this reason those solutions are not only equipped with the double rubber lip for mechanical bruise protection but also with electrical switch off automatic.   

EASY Laboratory System

<strong>EASY</strong> Laboratory System

  • Workbench Standard and ESD, Trapezium – and EMC Benches
  • Mechanical Workbenches and different Bench Top Materials
  • Corner Combinations with Height Adjustment
  • Bench Top Frame, Shelf Racks, Shelves and Perforate Backplanes
  • Training System Frames, Installation Cabins and TFT Chest

EP and MP Racks with EP and MP Modules

<strong>EP</strong> and <strong>MP Racks</strong> with EP and MP Modules

  • Energy Channels, EP and MP Bench Rack
  • Retractable Bench Rack Solutions
  • Hexagonal Team Workstations, EASY Tower Board and Carrying Cases
  • Mains Panel, Socket Panels, CEE Sockets, Pressured Air and IT Interfaces
  • Continuity Tester, Soldering / Desoldering St., Isolated Transformer, RCL Decades
  • AC Sources, Lab Power Supply, Function Generator, Multimeter, Oscilloscopes, Signal Generators, Calibrators, Device Testers

PROFI Benches

<strong>PROFI</strong> Benches

  • PROFI Work – and  Laboratoy  Bench, Bench with Power Legs, Cable Tray and Flaps
  • Height Adjustments (PROFI-Lift, C-Lift, 4-Lift and Cantilever) for all requirements to Sit / Stand Workstations
  • PROFI Corner Combinations
  • Accessory (PC Support, Keyboard Drawer, Foot Rest, etc.)