Erfolgreiche Messe Electronica in München (13. - 16. November 2018)

It is one year since we introduced our intelligent lab device series IMOD in Munich. This year now, at the electronica we presented a comprehensive web-basing software package to this device series.  Under the name of IMOD Desktop the devices can be supervised or controlled by computer, notebook or smart phone.  The software enables to reproduce more workstations of a defined area on one control screen for supervision and group them for collective settings.

The most common application for this function is the running of automatic test sequences for many hours, as the workstations do not need to be occupied for the whole procedure but can be supervised form a central computer. For educational laboratories it is applicable for voltage – and current limitations with respect to individual experiments from a central desk.

A new safety-relevant innovation is the RFID Access Control for laboratory benches. An USB interface enables to configure and monitor up to 250 profiles per management app, thus the workstation is reliably accessible for authorized personnel only.

As the digital developments are steadily under progress, please ask for our latest features.