Height Adjustable Laboratory Benches

PROFI Bench with PROFI-Lift. This type of height adjustment is even possible as later on modification
Specialized Calibration Bench with PROFI C-Lift for a lifting force of 640kg
Height adjustable PROFI C-Lift-Bench with fully synchronized and programmable spindle drive
PROFI 4-Lift-Bench with an amazing telescopic stroke of 670 mm
EASY-Lift-Bench for programming or office workstations, available also in ESD
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Basically our height adjustable workstations are distinguished in their number of lifts. So it is your choice if a complete bench raw, a corner combination or just a single bench moves when pressing the control button. Furthermore you can choose whether you prefer only your bench top to lift up or the complete shelf and rack section. No matter what how you decide, all hera height adjustable systems are absolutely solid and reliable.  

EASY Laboratory System

<strong>EASY</strong> Laboratory System

  • Workbench Standard and ESD, Trapezium – and EMC Benches
  • Mechanical Workbenches and different Bench Top Materials
  • Corner Combinations with Height Adjustment
  • Bench Top Frame, Shelf Racks, Shelves and Perforate Backplanes
  • Training System Frames, Installation Cabins and TFT Chest

PROFI Benches

<strong>PROFI</strong> Benches

  • PROFI Work – and  Laboratoy  Bench, Bench with Power Legs, Cable Tray and Flaps
  • Height Adjustments (PROFI-Lift, C-Lift, 4-Lift and Cantilever) for all requirements to Sit / Stand Workstations
  • PROFI Corner Combinations
  • Accessory (PC Support, Keyboard Drawer, Foot Rest, etc.)