Electric Classroom Mobile Solutions

EASY Mobile as Demonstration Chart with Energy Board and Din A4 Training System Frame
PROFI Mobile for PLC application with ENERGY Profile, TFT support and keyboard drawer
PROFI Mobile for measuring leads with lockable hood to prevent unauthorized removal
Mechatronic Mobile with PLC and operation panel as well as conveyors equipped with industrial stations
PROFI Mobile with 19“ drawers and foldable extension flaps for flexible table top enlargement
EASY Storage Cart for DIN A4 Training Systems, sheet steel inserts for the storage of trainng boxes are available
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Our mobile classroom solutions manage an easy change from theoretical into practical classroom. The configuration depends on your training systems, thus it offers sufficient storage, enough training system frames for hooking up your systems and of cause all necessary supplies to do your tests. Please ask, we will love to help!

Mobiles and Carts

<strong>Mobiles</strong> and <strong>Carts</strong>

  • PROFI Cart, Standard and ESD
  • PROFI Mobile (modular combinable with Shelves, 19“ Racks, etc.)
  • PROFI and EASY Mobile Cord Holder
  • EASY Cart and EASY Storage Cart
  • EASY Cabinet Mobile and Storage Cart for Training Systems
  • FLEX Mobile (modular combinable with Swivel Shelves, Storage Bin Supports, etc.)