DIN A4 Training Systems and Training Boxes for Installation Technology

Compact Panel for Basic Installations with Error Box
Safeguard Panel for electrical protective measures on 23/40V base
Compact Panel for Electrical Installation Bus KNX-EIB with many extra components
Compact Panel for LED Lighting Technology for the examination of the operating parameter
Compact Panel for House Safety with original intruder alarm system (also available with fire alarm system)
Modular and practice-oriented trainings for electrical installations with transparent component boxes
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For the installation technology we offer a broad range of training boxes, compact – or component panels. All panels are available either with engraved or color-printed fronts. If you prefer the training boxes you can choose hookable or firmly mounted installation walls or complete installation cabins with integrated media supply. Replaceable hooks and locks guarantee a long duty cycle of the products.

Training Systems for Electrical Installation

<strong>Training Systems</strong> for <strong>Electrical Installation</strong>

  • Electrical Safety
  • Installation Technology (Compact Panel, Component Panel and Boxes)
  • Intercom Systems and Building Security (Panels and Boxes)
  • Lighting Technology and KNX EIB Installation Bus (Panels and Boxes)
  • Software and Installation Cabins