DIN-A4 Training Systems and Training Boxes for Control – and Automation Technology

DIN A4 Compact Panel for traditional control engineering with integrated error box
Universal panel for different programmable logic controllers (PLC), modular equipped with in- and output modules
Universal AC Motor for Star-Delta -, Separate Windings and Dahlander operation
Laboratory for Automation Technology
Modular and practice-oriented trainings for control engineering with transparent component boxes
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Systems for the simple control with contactor circuits or complex practice-oriented manufacturing lines with PLC are available. You can choose from a broad range of training boxes, component panels and compact panels. For PLC controlled systems we offer either PC simulated applications or modular mechatronic solutions. All in- and outputs are either available by interface or 4 mm safety measuring leads.

Training Systems for Automation and Mechatronics

<strong>Training Systems</strong> for <strong>Automation and Mechatronics</strong>

  • Control Engineering (Compact Panels, Component Panels and Boxes)
  • Universal AC Motor and Transformer
  • Logic Controller and PLC Panels
  • Frequeny Converter, Operation and Surveillance (Touch Operation)
  • Systems – and Process Simulations
  • Mechatronic Stations (Conveyor Belt, Assembly and Test Stations, etc.)