DIN A4 Training Systems and Plug-In Components for Electric/ Electronic Basics

Basic Electric Panel with integrated universal supply unit (laboratory power supply, function generator and AC supply)
Case with Basic Electronic Panel and Addition Panel
Compact Panel for the complete field of power electronics
Basics of PID-Controllers and different controlled systems
Basics of Sensor Technology with different rotation - and proximity sensors and material samples
Microcontroller Panel for the programming of Atmel or PIC controllers with plug-in field and extra modules
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hera offers a considerable range of innovative training systems for practice-oriented and clearly structured trainings in basic electrics / electronics. All training systems are available either with engraved or color printed fronts. The training system could be used either hooked up in a training system frame or as bench top model due to the ergonomic tilted plastic cover.   

Training Systems for Electrical Basics

<strong>Training Systems</strong> for Electrical Basics

  • Plug Boards with Universal Supply and Plug-In Components
  • Analogue- and Digital Technology
  • Power Electronics
  • Control Engineering and Controlled Systems
  • Sensor Technology, Microcontroller and IT Technology
  • Software -, Simulation Software and Panel Case